Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Crafty Tuesday -- Tip Sleeves for Vacation

Terra's Paws is going on vacation...
and of course I had to find away to be crafty in the process.

While looking up tips and tricks to my vacation I found a lot of people were making decorated envelopes for their housekeeping tips. Of course I wanted to do this for our trip and decided to go with a sleeve instead of an envelope.

I started by creating this document and printing it on purple paper. I have made it available here --> Download PDF here Please respect the time I took to make this by not selling it or using it on any product you plan to sell. Do not distributed. Use common sense. 

 Use whatever color paper you want. Get creative! I just had purple on hand. 

Then I used my straight edge paper cutter. My blade is a little dull and some of my edges are not clean. You can also just use scissors to cut these out if you don't have a paper cutter or just don't want to fight it. 
(For people the don't own one, you sometimes have to fight it. I have battle scars.)

I folded my bills in half, you don't have to. Center the bands so the wording is in the middle of the money.

I found out the rule of thumb for housekeeping is $1 per person + another dollar and for anyone that handles your luggage it's $1 per bag. Since it will be me and my boyfriend, house keeping will get $3 and luggage handlers will probably get $4 because we will probably have two bags each. 

Turn over and fold the band around the money.

Trim the excess band. I did mine at an angle for decoration. 

Seal the cut edge with glue or a sticker like I have done. I got these stickers in a mailing from Disney Movie Club, but you can use what you feel goes with your vacation theme. 

Done. But I wanted to be more decorative. 

Handy-dandy Star Punch!

A little of my favorite glue, rubber cement, and they are done.



-Rebecca from Terra's Paws (terraspaws.etsy.com)

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  1. Wow...I think I like this one of the best of all the mousekeeping envelopes I've seen. It looks great, but is SIMPLE! Something 99% of us need! I know you've not posted for a while, but I wanted to let you know I'm doing an upcoming blogpost on tipping at Disney, so I'm going to link your post here, so others can see how adorable these are!